The Natural Wonders of Belize


The Natural Wonders Of Belize

Nature is the best architect. Perhaps this is why no building or man-made object can ever compete with its beauty. If you love going to scenic places with an abundance of nature, then look no further than Belize. With its large Caribbean coast and unique geographical location Belize is full of natural wonders.  

Need some convincing? Here are our top picks for nature travel in Belize!

1. Barrier Reef

This is the 2nd largest coral reef you will find in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It is a part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System and stretches across 300km.

It is home to more than seventy unique hard coral species, thirty-six soft coral species, and more than five hundred species of fish! The Belize barrier reef is so vast that many parts of the reef are yet to be discovered. This provides a incredible and unique opportunity for underwater enthusiasts to explore a largely untouched reef ecosystem! It should come as no surprise that the Belize barrier reef is also often spoken of as one of the best snorkel and diving spots in the world.

2. Limestone Caves

These caves are mainly made of fish skeletons that got buried and compacted here. It also comprises many coral shells in its structure which contributes to the caves unique coloration.

These caves were a big part of the Mayan culture as they used to perform many ceremonies and rituals here to please their Gods. For cave lovers, there are a plethora of beautiful caves that can be explored in Belize. For instance, you can also visit other beautiful caves such as:

– Caves Branch
– Actun Tunichil Muknal
– Rio Frio
– Barton Creek Cave
– Che Chem Ha
– Crystal Cave

3. St. Herman’s Blue Hole

If you want to see nature at its finest then this is a treat to the eyes. However, make sure not to confuse St. Herman’s Blue Hole with the Great Blue Hole (also found in Belize). They are not the same; the Great Blue Hole is a limestone formation that collapsed. The rising sea levels then surrounding this formation, filling it with ocean water, and thereby forming the Great Blue Hole.

St. Herman’s Blue Hole on the other hand is a natural pool with the clearest blue water you will ever find. This is what makes this attraction unique and the perfect place to take a fresh water dip! This swimming spot can be found in the St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park, found in the Cayo district of Belize.

4. Coastal Atolls

You must be wondering what an atoll is. Well, an atoll is an island made of corals, in the shape of a ring and is usually surrounded by a lagoon. The Barrier Reef surrounds this atoll and you can go here for bird watching, scuba diving, snorkeling, and much more.

Apart from that, here are the three other atolls you must visit:

  • Turneffe Atoll
  • Glover’s Reef
  • Lighthouse Reef Atoll

5. Great Blue Hole

We already talked about how this hole was formed earlier in the blog. Now, we will further focus the spotlight on perhaps Belize’s most famous natural wonder. The Great Blue Hole is a truly magnificent marine area, and it is the perfect place for divers. No matter which article or blog you read, the Great Blue Hole is almost guaranteed to be on every list of the best dive spots in the world. A trip to the Great Blue Hole is sure to include many species of marine life that you will not see anywhere else.

It is extremely deep and the deeper you go, the more wonders you will find here. The Great Blue Hole extends to depths of more than 400ft, so there truly is a lot to discover and explore in this beautiful marine area.

6. Mayan King Falls

While it may not be as big as Niagara Falls, it is still just as beautiful and mesmerising. You will find two falls here that are perfect for taking a shower and swimming.

The water passes from the rocks and into the pool where it meets the river. If you ever want to enjoy a calm and serene day then this is a site you must see. You will love sitting here all day doing nothing but swimming, relaxing, and taking in the beauty of the falls!

Final Words

Belize is a truly magnificent country that has something for everyone. For nature enthusiasts Belize is the perfect location and these are our top picks for anyone thinking of commencing on a nature travel in Belize. We promise that visiting these attractions will ensure that your trip to Belize is truly magical. Staying a while and need help finding rental accommodations in Belize or considering moving to Belize? We can help you find the perfect house, property, condo or vacation home in Belize! Contact us for more information about Belize real estate.

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