Cayo District Belize Real Estate


The Cayo District is located on the western part of the country & is centrally located in the middle of a chain of mountains which is known as the Mayan Mountains. Due to its abundance of wildlife, rich green vegetation and natural water system that runs throughout the entire region, this Geographical territory of Belize is unique and offers the 3 main qualities that any Real estate buyer/ investor is looking for. Key location, amazing water access points with Waterfalls and clean drinkable water and amazing view throughout the entire District due to the high elevation of the Hilltop properties. Western Belize is very versatile with many different property options to offer.

Why Invest in Cayo Belize Real Estate?

There are several reasons why to buy real estate in the Cayo District of Belize. 

  1. Consistent MarketOne of the most important factors is the consistent market. Over the years we have seen a steady increase in value, and current projections don’t indicate that this will change. This makes real estate in the Cayo District a safe and reliable investment.
  2. Increase in tourismMore people are visiting the Cayo District every year. This increase of tourism could be interesting for those who are thinking of investing in a vacation home. Vacation homes are great for those who plan to spend a longer period of time in the country. Moreover, you could rent out the vacation home when you are not present. This could be a great source of extra income.Another option could be to buy an undeveloped property and construct rental units, which will provide a steady income.
  3. Beautiful natural environment and historic sitesCayo is located near great natural and historic sites, this creates a huge potential to generate significant returns from one year to the next. Whether this is by buying a home or investing in a development property. All these factors create a great base for an investment.

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