Top 4 Best Places to Retire in Belize


Top 4 Best Places to Retire in Belize

With incredible nature, a vibrant Mayan culture, beautiful pristine beaches, affordable prices, low crime rates, and English as its main language; it is no wonder that so many people are deciding to retire in Belize. While there are truly so many amazing places you could choose in Belize, we understand the choice of where to settle can be daunting. To help you on that path, here we have highlighted our pick of the Top 4 best places to retire in Belize!

1. Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye, often referred to as ‘la Isla Bonita’ – famously the inspiration for its namesake by Madonna – or ‘the beautiful island’ is without a doubt one of the top places to retire in Belize. Located on the Northeastern coast of the country, Ambergris Caye is the most popular tourist destination in Belize. It is the largest island in Belize and has an abundance of beautiful vibrant beaches and restaurants as well as a many option for water-based activities, especially scuba diving along the famous Belize Barrier reef in the Carribbean sea. The island is known for its long white sand beaches and turquois waters filled with abundant sea life. Furthermore, a large portion of the island has been designated as a nature preserve, which adds to its appeal as a wonderful destination for nature lovers in search of tropical sunshine.

There is currently a lot of real estate available in Ambergris Caye, ranging from beachfront condos and beach houses to properties and development lots. Its largest town, San Pedro is a well-known ex-pat destination with many US and Canadian citizens settling there. Due to this San Pedro has a vibrant ex-pat community with several yoga schools, beach bars, popular live music spots and weekly beach BBQ’s hosted every Sunday by the community. As the fame of the island continues to rise, the value of property is expected to continue to increase at a rapid rate. This means that Ambergris Caye is not only a wonderful place to retire, but also a great investment option whether you are looking for a vacation home or a place to retire.

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2. Placencia

Placencia is located on a peninsula south of Belize City. Due to this it has a bit of an ‘island feel’, however with all of the convenience of being attached to the mainland, such as easy access and cheaper mainland prices. Life here is slow and peaceful, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering it boasts 16 miles of tranquil mostly untouched beaches to the east, as well as incredible views of the Mayan Mountain chain to the west. The peninsula offers great beaches, and easy access to abundant reefs, fishing waters and a number of idyllic small islands off the country’s Caribbean coast.

The area is growing quickly, with most of its population made up of expat homeowners. However, despite this it’s still at a relatively early stage of development meaning that the real estate prices are still low and the lifestyle is quiet, peaceful and communal. Real Estate prices have been growing steadily and arer expected to continue to grow, making this another great investment option in Belize. The largest settlement in Placencia is Placencia Village, which is home to nearly half of the peninsula’s ~3500 permanent residents. Additionally the high season will bring in a decent influx of tourists, making it a very fun and active period, while the low season returns Placencia to its normal laid-back vibe.

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3. Corozal Town

For those more interested in a vibrant cultural area, consider Corozal in Northern Belize. Corozal is less touristy than some other areas, however it is very popular with ex-pats, partly because it sits right on the border of Chetumal Bar in Mexico, which is knows for its vibrant nightlife and many great shopping options. For those looking for a pleasant town in Belize, consider Corozal Town in the Corozal district. It is a very relaxed and family friendly town, with easy access to the bay for swimming. Additionally you will find several beautiful Mayan ruins in the area.

When looking for a place to settle in Corozal, most ex-pats choose to live in one of two popular communities, namely: Cerros Sands or Consejo. Here you can find many real estate options ranging from smaller condos to larger more traditional homes. Real Estate prices in Corozal are still very low, making it a very interesting and affordable place to retire in Belize.

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4. Cayo District

For those interested in a different kind of lifestyle than the aforementioned beach paradises, Cayo District offers something very different. The Cayo District is known for its incredible and pristine natural beauty, consisting of many mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and an overall jungle scene. The weather here is often hotter during the day, but a very pleasant cooler temperature at night. It has fewer bugs and is overall a much less touristy destination than the other options highlighted in this article. The largest town in the Cayo District is San Ignacio, which has a very rustic atmosphere but with a vibrant nightlife. San Ignacio is also the take-off point for canoe trips along the Macal River as well as hikes to the neaby Mayan Ruins.

The abundance of rain, sunshine and high quality farmland contribute to Cayo being known as a great option for off-the-grid living. Additionally, although it is located just two hours from Placencia, it is significantly cheaper and boasts very affordable real estate prices including many development properties and lots. Therefore, for those looking for a secluded nature paradise in Belize, the Cayo District could be a great option!

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Retiring in Belize

In conclusion Belize is a truly wonderful country to retire. We hope this article gave you some insight into a few of the options for places to retire in Belize. However, there truly are so many more amazing places available to you in Belize. We at Century 21 Btal have homes, condos, properties, and development lots across the country, as well as extensive knowledge of the various areas. Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests about real estate in Belize, and we would be more than happy to help you find your dream retirement home!

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