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The Orange Walk District, with a population of over forty thousand, is the country’s third largest populated district about an hour North of Belize City. As a key producer of sugarcane, soybean, honey and livestock among others, it is the agricultural breadbasket of the country. Sugarcane is not all that is sweet about the charming and peaceful town of Orange Walk which sits along the New River – an ancient Maya trading route to the Caribbean.

Belize’s sweet spot, the Orange Walk District, is a pioneer in sustainable ecotourism and archeological adventures due to the abundance of natural attractions that remain unchanged over the years. This region of the country has a long history of seducing people with its natural beauty of pristine wildlife reserves, lagoons, cenotes and magnificent archaeological sites most of which remain to be excavated despite its rich cultural history and importance to the Maya world. Indeed, the Mexican influence can certainly be experienced and enjoyed in Orange Walk which flavors everything from the tortilla factories to mission churches in countryside style.

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Real Estate Opportunities

Recent advances in trade agreements with Mexico and Guatemala, significant public commitment to invest substantially in agriculture, major road infrastructure projects to faster development in coastal areas in the North, proximity to growing tourist destinations, commercial free zones, international trade borders, the emergence of new and large factories and the abundance of large tracks of land for agriculture, eco-tourism or commercial investments makes Orange Walk one of the best places for real estate. If you are looking for a great investment property, in the North of Belize, you need to check out Orange Walk. Browse our Orange Walk real estate inventory to see what’s available and find your ideal property or investment at a great price and ideal location.

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